Phoenix Springs – Prologue Download

Phoenix Springs is a graphic novel styled neo-noir point and click mystery adventure where a hardened reporter goes in search of her missing brother and discovers a mysterious desert oasis community.

In Phoenix Springs you will follow the story of Iris, a reporter who goes in search of her brother and finds a desert community (called Phoenix Springs) filled with strange people and dark mysteries. The prologue follows Iris before her visit to Phoenix Springs, with her she does a little detective work in a grimy dystopian city to track down the whereabouts of her brother.

Unlike most other point and click adventures, you won’t be collecting many items on your journey. Instead your focus is on information. You talk to people and observe your surroundings to allow you to add more words and phrases to a word-bank/digital corkboard. You can then use these words/phrases in conversations or while examining objects to allow you to further your investigations.

It’s a very unique and well crafted adventure with a remarkably intuitive UI, excellent voice-acting, an intriguing story and a stunning visual style. It feels like the pages of a graphic novel have come to life and the neo-noir world that it builds is fascinating. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Phoenix Springs Prologue Here (Steam)