PHOGS! – Beta Demo

PHOGS! is a delightful physics based puzzle platforming adventure where a couple of conjoined dogs with a stretchy belly make their way through a world full or whimsical oddity.

In PHOGS! you control a couple of conjoined dogs, using a separate analog stick to move each one. They can grab objects with their teeth and they can stretch their tummy to enormous lengths which comes in handy for solving puzzles and aiding your progress through the world. It’s playable in single-player but if you really want a challenge then you can play in co-op with each one of you controlling a different do.

The current build of PHOGS! features a few differently themed levels to play through and takes around 20 minutes to play through. It’s a very playful experience and there’s lots to discover as you make your way through the world, with oddball characters to meet, bonus bones to collect and fun little easter eggs to discover. The two little doggies are absolutely adorable and their conjoined antics are guaranteed to brighten up your day.

Download The PHOGS! Beta Demo Here (Steam)