Piauindie The Game – Game Jam Build Download

Piauindie The Game is a simple, stylish and addictive little vertically scrolling shoot ‘em up where killing enemies earns you time and the level loops and gets harder each time you defeat the boss.

Created for the Piauindie Game Jam, Piauindie The Game sees you controlling a joystick shaped ship (the Piauindie logo) as it flies through a vibrant, colorful environment full of monsters to blast. Gameplay-wise it’s a fairly simple shooter, with an assortment of power-ups to collect and a nice variety of enemies to shoot. However, as you play there’s a timer that counts down, which you can refill by shooting enemies, and the game ends when it reaches zero. Initially the game is fairly easy, but each time you defeat the boss the level of difficulty ramps up (though it also means there are more enemies to shoot and earn time from).

It’s a fun little shoot ‘em up with a great pixel art visual style and addictive arcade gameplay. Well worth checking out for a quick hit of old school shoot ‘em up action.

Download Piauindie The Game Here (Windows)