Picayune Dreams – Beta Demo

Picayune Dreams is a very addictive Sci-Fi horde hell shooter where you battle swarms of aliens within a psychedelic nightmare.

Drawing inspiration from Vampire Survivors, Touhou, Diablo and Yume Nikki, Picayune Dreams is a horde hell shooter with a genuinely interesting story. The core gameplay is pretty similar to Vampire Survivors, with you blasting vast hordes of enemies, collecting upgrades and unlocking some permanent upgrades along the way. However, unlike Vampire Survivors you have agency over where your character aims their shots and Picayune Dreams also has bullet hall boss battles and extended Yume Nikki-esque narrative sections.

It obviously borrows a lot from Vampire Survivors, but Picayune Dreams does more than enough to avoid being another Vampire Survivors clone. The narrative is very intriguing, there’s a nice mixture of upgrades (though the descriptions could be a little more intelligible), the gameplay is a lot of fun and the soundtrack is superb. The horde hell shooter of your (Picayune) Dreams.

Download The Picayune Dreams Beta Demo Here (Steam)