Pick & Poke – Prototype Download

Pick & Poke is a violence-free tabletop styled roguelike game where you use tokens to deal with various situations that pop up while traversing a dungeon.

Created for the 7DRL Challenge, Pick & Poke is a roguelike that’s played using tokens. You have an assortment of different tokens (Health, Wisdom, Strength, Agility, Charisma, etc) and you use them to deal with different random events as you make your way through procedurally generated dungeons. So laying a Charisma token may cause one outcome and laying a Wisdom token may result in another (often with you receiving more tokens).

During each event you have to place a token no matter what, and if you don’t have any of the correct tokens then you can place a health token. If you run out of health tokens then it’s game over, but you can sometimes earn health and there are various shops where you can purchase perks and health.

It’s a clever concept that not only manages to deliver a great non-combative twist on the roguelike genre, but is also very easily accessible and has a wonderfully tactile UI. Highly recommended.

Download or Play Pick & Poke Here (Windows & Browser)