PICO PARK – Alpha Download


PICO PARK is a charming pixel art puzzle platformer that encourages co-operation on a large scale with up to 10 players playing together simultaneously to reach their goal.

Each level in PICO PARK is playable with 2 to 10 players, with the objectives changing dynamically dependant on how many players are playing (eg. The key will be higher in a 10 player game than a 2 player game).  The aim in each level is simple – collect the key and reach the exit.  This is fairly easy in 2 player mode, but the more players you add the more chaotic (and more fun) things get, as players attempt to communicate and co-operate to solve puzzles.

The Current build of PICO PARK only features a couple of levels, but it’s a great taster for things to come – a fabulous multiplayer party game that really is a case of ‘the more the merrier’ (or the more the funnier anyway).

Check out The PICO PARK Greenlight Page Here

Download The PICO PARK Alpha Here (Scroll Down To Bottom of Page)