Pictopix – Beta Demo


Pictopix is a very slick and easily accessible puzzler that brings the addictive Nonograms-style pixel art puzzling of the Picross games to the PC.

Anyone who’s sampled the delights of the Picross games on the Nintendo consoles or played Nonograms-style puzzlers before will feel very much at home with Pictopix. Basically it’s a fun blend of of Sudoku, pixel art and Minesweeper, in which you’re given an empty grid and have to figure out how to fill it in correctly.

In each level of Pictopix you’re presented with a blank grid (ranging from 5×5 to 25×25) with numbers along the edges that signify the amount of blocks on each row that need to be colored in. It’s up to you to decipher which blocks on the grid need to be filled in and create some cute little pieces of pixel art in the process.

The Beta Demo of Pictopix is already a very polished experience, with an elegant tutorial, 15 full puzzles and an unlockable shuffle mode. It’s a very addictive game, with a slick UI and easily accessible gameplay that actually manages to match (and exceed) Nintendo’s efforts in the genre (although Nintendo does obviously have superior official Nintendo character pixel art to fall back on). If you’re remotely into logic based puzzlers we highly recommend giving Pictopix a go – it’s shaping up to be a perfect pixel art picture puzzler.

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Download The Pictopix Beta Demo Here (Win & Mac)