Pictures of a Reasonably Documented Year – Game Jam Build

Pictures Of a Reasonably Well Douumented year

Pictures of a Reasonably Documented Year (or PoaRDY for short) is a creepy point and click game which won first place in the Free Knowledge Game Jam, a 2-day hackathon that centered around Free Knowledge in-game development.

The game centers around you, as the player, finding an abandoned computer. Human curiosity gets the better of you and you decide to check out the contents of the computer. As you dig through the folders several questions arise. Who was the owner, What Happened to him and what was going on in his ‘quiet’ town. The more you search, the more your curiosity takes hold as locked folders become available after viewing other files. Going from eerily quiet to spine tinglingly shocking, the files and apparent corruption will shake you to your very core and the answers you find may not be the ones you wanted.

Pictures of a Reasonably Documented Year grips you from the moment you open your first folder, and is oozing with suspense and horror. The only question you have to ask yourself is was the owner insane or was something sinister really going on?

Note: Some imagery in this game may be found disturbing to some people. This includes a dead rabbit being held by one of people in a video. Play at your own discretion

Download Pictures of a Reasonably Documented Year Here (Windows Only)