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Pictures Of, a heartfelt narrative made for the Warsaw Film School Game Jam III, has you choosing what means more to you, as you balance long term goals with quality family time as a 40-year-old adult.

In Pictures Of you play Helen, a woman whose dream is to be a photographer of more than just stock photos. You have a family, a daughter and a husband who you love and care about, but this game is all about making decisions about your own life, which in turn will affect theirs. Decisions also affect your happiness and the amount of money you have, which is shown on a watch at the side of the screen. As you make choices, you will see pictures of the memories you are starting to make. Some of these are worth remembering while others are not.

Your whole experience depends on what you choose. You can keep your head down and work hard or be with your family. You can party with old friends, or stay home and scroll through social media. Whatever you do, it all has an effect on your day and your life. After a few days, you will get to look back at your best memories, the ones worth remembering, and its amazing how your perspective can change when you reach the end. Helen’s story is up to you, though we’d recommend playing it through a few times to see how different choices will affect your story. It’s time to figure out what really matters in life in this beautifully crafted narrative experience!

Download Pictures Of Here (Windows)

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  1. Hi! Thank you for this review and sharing our game! I like a summary about perspective change you gave to the story :)

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