Pieces Between Us – Game Jam Build

Pieces Between Us is a charming little narrative driven first person puzzle adventure in which you try to get the right perspectives of artwork in a gallery while also gaining the right perspective on a disagreement between two elementary school friends.

Billy and Timmy are two elementary school students who are best friends and do everything together. But one day Timmy says he can’t be partners with him for the next science project and the pair start to fall out. The narrative of how this happens is played out via audio snippets every time you solve a puzzle in the abstract museum you’re wandering around in. Most of these puzzles fairly easy, but they’re cleverly done and fun to solve.

The voicework in Pieces Between Us can be a little cheesy, but the narrative is very charming, the art style is nice and it’s a great concept. The fact that you gain more perspective on the disagreement between Billy and Timmy with each perspective based puzzle you solve is a great touch. A cleverly crafted little puzzle adventure about getting the right perspective (in more ways than one).

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Pieces Between Us Here (Windows)