Piepacker – Open Beta

Piepacker is a browser based multiplayer gaming platform that allows players to easily meet up and play a selection of over 60 classic retro games together.

The problem with a lot of retro games is that they were always the most amount of fun when playing with (or against) friends. It was always more fun when you could see your buddy’s face when you obliterated them in a game. Thankfully Piepacker looks set to replicate the experience of local multiplayer gaming complete with full video chat and a large selection of retro games to play.

The current open Beta for Piepacker features 60+ games that you can boot up and play pretty much instantly. There are lots of classic multiplayer games such as Worms World Party, Sensible Soccer and Micro Maniacs. There are also plenty of classic single-player only games, such as Earthworm Jim, Glover and 40 Winks. What’s more, there are lots of new(ish) retro styled indie games too, including Micro Mages, Super Pawn and the excellent Xenocrisis. If that’s not enough, you’ll also be able to purchase a physical console that allows you to upload your own NES, Super NES, Genesis, GBA dna Game Boy game carts for you and your friends to play (more info on that here)

Even in its current Beta from Piepacker is remarkably easy to use – you just load it up, select a game and then use a link to invite some friends into the virtual room to play. Everyone appears in the video chat at the side of the screen and you can chat and play ‘til your heart’s content.

It all works extremely well and the selection of games available are a lot of fun too. There are quite a lot of obscure forgotten classics and the new retro indie games are excellent. It all makes for a perfect place to hang out with friends and play a bunch of cool retro games. An easily accessible alternative to local multiplayer that feels like it could be the future of retro gaming.

Join in the Piepacker Open Beta Here (Browser)