Piko Piko – Alpha Demo

Piko Piko is a thoroughly bizarre Anime-styled metroidvania adventure in which you play a cute little blacksmith girl who beats things up with a big hammer.

In Piko Piko you take control of Piko, a young blacksmith girl with a big heart (and a big heart hammer). After some unexplained tremors start to disrupt her idyllic world, she sets out on an adventure, filled with quirky NPC’s, old school action platforming gameplay and lots of enemies to bash with her big hammer.

Piko Piko is still very early in development so has plenty of rough edges, but here’s a certain charm to the characters and the super silly narrative is full of bizarre surprises – one minute you can be about to have an anthropomorphic dog lick some jam of your face and then next you’re battling a German exchange student in a Panzer tank. After playing through the demo build you’ll struggle to piece together any sense of narrative, but it’s a delightful little romp anyway, with fun combat and memorable characters. A charming metroidvania adventure packed full of delightful Anime oddity.

Note: We encountered a bug with the ‘action’ button on the control pad stopping working near the end of the demo. If this happens you can press ‘D’ on the keyboard instead though to advance text/go through doors.

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Download The Piko Piko Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Linux)