Pillar of Skylines – Student Project Game

Pillar of Skylines is a visually stunning puzzle platforming adventure which sees you learning new skills as you explore the space between two vast worlds that are joined together by gigantic stone pillars.

In Pillar of Skylines you control a mysterious being who is tasked with destroying the massive stone pillars that join two worlds. The game is played in the space between two connected worlds and makes for some incredible sights, with trees growing horizontally and water flowing in strange directions. The space between the two connected worlds is an infinite loop, so falling doesn’t really matter, but you need to make your way to the huge stone pillars that connect the worlds.

Once you reach the stone pillars you need to find a way to enter them, and once inside you have to solve intricate self-contained puzzle to destroy them. There’s a lot to learn, some of which the game tells you and some of which you figure out for yourself, and as you progress you’ll also unlock a variety of new skills – including wall running, dashing or gliding. Your most useful ability is your teleport ability though – allowing you to instantly teleport back to markers you can place anywhere in the game world (which is used to help solve many of the puzzles).

Pillar of Skylines does suffer from some framerate optimisation issues when you’re out in the main play area, but it’s understandable considering the size and scope of the game world. It’s a very impressive project with some fantastic world design and lots of deviously designed puzzles to solve. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Pillar of Skylines Here (Windows)