Pine – Alpha Sign Up

Pine game

Pine is a unique action adventure survival game that uses complex neural network AI in all of the game-world’s inhabitants/enemies, with them learning and adapting to the players actions, as they too fight for their own survival.

Pine looks set to take the nemesis system of Shadow of Mordor to a whole new level, with enemies constantly learning from your actions as they struggle for their own survival.  Enemies don’t just ‘activate’ when the player is near either – they are always active, foraging, finding shelter, defending their territory against other AI (or the player), and coping with their own feelings of independence, confidence and alertness.

It’s an ambitious game, that looks very impressive even in these early stages of development.  The devs are building a world which really is alive, constantly evolving and changing – not just waiting for a player to trigger events.  Fighting for your own survival may be a bit tougher if the rest of the world is fighting for their own survival too!

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