Ping Pong Palz – Game Jam Build Download

Ping Pong Palz is a charming blend of branching narrative adventure and table tennis in which three pals hang out play table tennis and hang out in the clubhouse talking about important things in their lives.

The table tennis gameplay in Ping Pong Palz is simple but fun, with you trying to time the presses of the spacebar to coincide with hitting the ball. The better the hit you get, the better the chance of your opponent screwing up and the worse you hit, the more chance you have of hitting the net.

Playing table tennis isn’t really what Ping Pong Palz is all about though – it’s more about hanging out with friends and discovering more about what’s really going on in their lives. After each match you’ll return to the clubhouse, where you’ll have a choice of talking to the two other characters or having a minute to yourself by the vending machine. Depending on your choices (and the character you’ve decided to play as) the conversations will play out differently, allowing you to learn more about their lives.

Hanging out with those three Ping Pong Palz makes for a charming and heartfelt experience. It’s a beautiful little game with stylish visuals and well written dialogue. There’s plenty of replayability too, as you learn more about the lives of those three friends with each playthrough. A perfect little ping pong narrative experience well worth checking out.

Note: You can move your character in the clubhouse sections by using WASD or the arrow keys.

Download Ping Pong Palz Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)