Pioneer Peril – Game Jam Build Download

Pioneer Peril Game Download

Pioneer Peril, an Oregon Trail style adventure game made for the GM48, has you attempting to survive in the wild west, where resources are limited and trolls are abundant!

In Pioneer Peril, you are in charge of your wagon which is moving forward on a trail. This wagon holds all of your supplies as well as your family. You start off with a good amount of supplies; wood, tools, food, water, and cloth. You also have your family with you in the wagon. Each day, various random events will happen on the trail. You must decide how you and your family handle these events. Sometimes, they can end up being quite good, like using tools to chop down trees or finding some more supplies. Other times, they aren’t so great, like getting sick and not taking care of yourself. A few events aren’t beneficial to you, but are helpful to people you find on the trail, like feeding beggars and adopting abandoned babies.

At the end of each day, you have to pay a tribute to a troll to move onto the night phase. This tribute is some of your supplies, which the troll asks for. You can try to offer it a different amount of other supplies or try to fight it. Fighting the troll might result in death to the family member that fights, but you may still be able to pass. After you have dealt with the troll, you must decide who eats and who drinks, before sleeping and moving onto a new day.

You will need a good dose of luck to survive in Pioneer Peril, but with three different difficulties, so you can decide how much luck you do need. You may need quite a lot as life on the road sure is tough, see how long you can survive!

Download Pioneer Peril Here (Windows – McAfee May Falsely Flag The Download)