Pippin’ HOT Delivery – Game Jam Build

Pippin’ HOT Delivery is a beautifully animated five minute puzzle platformer that features some very inventive puzzle design as you attempt to deliver a flaming hot jalapeño pizza to the North Pole.

In Pippin’ HOT Delivery you control a pizza delivery man who has been tasked with delivering a pizza to the North Pole. You need to avoid getting the pizza wet and attempt to make your delivery within six minutes, whilst figuring out how to opent the required door and avoid traps along the way.

Your trip to the North Pole is a cold one and there are various forms of icy hazards and obstructions to deal with, but thankfully the pizza you’re delivering is flaming hot. In fact it’s so hot that if you open the lid then you can melt the surrounding area, allowing you access to new areas.

It’s a very impressive little game with high quality pixel art animation and puzzles that make very creative use of the pizza throughout its short play time. A tasty little bite sized pizza delivery puzzle platformer well worth taking a bite out of.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Pippin’ HOT Delivery Here (Windows)