19 thoughts on “Pirates Online Rewritten – Alpha Sign-Up”

  1. Will our stats be saved? I was LVl 39 and I really want my lvl and ALL my stuff to be there. Thanks for recreating!

    • Unfortunately it’s doubtful they’ll be able to bring over your stats from the previous game. Disney is being very nice by allowing them to use the original games assets, but it’s unlikely they’ll release any of the old player-bases stats & info. :)

  2. Hey! i was trying to register but it says i need an alpha key where can i get one? you said register and tell them why you want a key

    • Sorry man, this post was written back in April, Alpha Sign-Ups are now closed. We’ll keep you informed when Alpha/Beta Sign-Ups open up again. :)

  3. Why can’t anyone play it? I played the old POTCO since it begun and I just found this.

    • It’s still in closed Alpha. You’ve missed the first wave of sign-ups. But there will be more. :)

  4. Are you guys like literally, recreating it like, same mission and stuff or will there be like, new weapons and all that?

    • They will be recreating the game, but there will be some changes and improvements. :)

    • Sure, It’s just in the Alpha Testing phase at the moment. The game will open up to everyone one they iron out all the bugs. :)

  5. im so happy, this is latterly a dream for me

  6. I hope that this reverts to the original game. That is without all the stupid rubbish Disney added like magic etc. The voodoo doll was fine, but after the potions etc it got silly. I was lvl 50 when I had to cancel my monthly payments. My Guild was in the top 20 and we are VERY excited to hopefully get back together. Keep up the good work devs. I hope it all comes together soon

    • The Alpha Sign-Up is now closed unfortunately, but we’ll keep you updated when sign-ups are open again. :)

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