Pirates: Treasure Hunters – Beta Download (Steam)

Pirates Treasure hunters beta

Pirates: Treasure Hunters is a fast paced, objective-focused pirate-themed MOBA in which teams of six face off against each other in arenas with intractable elements such as grapping hooks and retractable bridges, as well as a selection of powerful land and sea based vehicles.

The pirate theme in Pirates: Treasure Hunters is a nice change from the traditional fantasy tropes, and instead of straight team vs team battles, it presents players with a series of objectives such as destroying totems or collecting pieces of a map. There’s a high focus on mobility too, with players able to use grappling hooks to reach areas and use retractable bridges to tactically open and close routes. The land and sea vehicles also open up a variety of possibilities, with players able to players able to pilot them co-operatively – with one player driving and the other manning the cannons/machine guns.

The MOBA market may be pretty jam packed at the moment, but Pirates: Treasure Hunters certainly does enough to separate itself from the crowd. With interactive maps, objectives and vehicles it feels much more like a traditional action combat game than a serious e-sports focused MOBA. A high seas multiplayer battle arena with a focus on fun and piratey mayhem.

Download The Pirates: Treasure Hunters Beta Here