Piratopia – Open Beta

Piratopia is an online open seas pirate action adventure with PvP and PvE gameplay, where you can sail the seas, search for treasure, upgrade your ship and hunt kraken.

In Piratopia you’ll be able to jump in a ship and embark on high-seas piratey adventures. The game features a mixture of PvP and PvE combat with other ships, mythical sea monsters and forts on the land. Your battles will earn you lots of lovely loot, which you can then use to upgrade your ship and kit it out with a wide variety of devastating weaponry, including cannons, railguns and flamethrowers.

Unfortunately at the moment the dev only has one server and due to the popularity of the game you may need to wait a long time in a queue to join in. There’s a reason that the queue is so big though – it’s a great game and if you have the patience to wait you’ll have a blast in this charming online pirate playground.

Download the Piratopia Open Beta Here (Steam)