PISCIS x MACHINA – Game Jam Build Download

PISCIS x MACHINA is a lighthearted retro 3D platforming adventure where you are a fish who needs to assist a mech-piloting hero as he attempts to blast on evil moon.

Created for the Pompous Trash jam, in PISCIS x MACHINA you’re not the hero of the story – you’re just a humble NPC who’s tasked with finding Coherence Cores to power the hero’s mech. There are some hidden around the island you’re on, and to get them you’ll need to explore, complete quests and even do a little fishing.

It’s a delightfully silly little game with quirky characters, a fun sense of humor and a great retro art style. There’s a surprising amount of stuff to discover on the island too and the fishing rod makes for a remarkably versatile tool!

Download or Play Piscis X Machina Here (Windows & Browser)