Pixario: The Last Pixel – Alpha Build


Pixario: The Last Pixel is an addictive pixel art painting game in which you must create pixel perfect recreations of classic video game characters to save them from the evil Dr Oculus.

Set in a world where Oculus is using Virtuality to make pixel art disappear from the world, in Pixario you play a savant pixel art creator who fights back for all pixel kind. What this basically means is that you are given outlines and a picture to copy, then attempt to recreate each classic video game character as faithfully as possible. All the classic video game stars from the 70’s and 90’s are there, with Mario, Frogger, Megaman, Donkey Kong, Bomber Man, Space Invaders, Duck Hunt, Lode Runner and many more making an appearance (even the abomination that is ET!)

It’s a fun and very addictive game, which not only feels like a nostalgic walk down memory lane, but also gives you a new appreciation for the amazing pixel artwork that went into creating such iconic characters from so few pixels. There’s no way these characters will ever disappear, no matter what Dr Oculus throws at them!

Play The Pixario: The Last Pixel Alpha Here (Browser)