Pixel Galaxy: Enemies Aren’t Forever – Alpha Demo

pixel galaxy

Pixel Galaxy: Enemies Aren’t Forever is a hectic arcade shooter inspired by Katamari & Super Hexagon that allows you to collect your enemies and make them your ‘friends’ by attaching them to your ship.

You don’t actually shoot in Pixel Galaxy, but your enemies do.  This means that once you collect them and add them to your ship, you’ll add their firepower too (or some other attribute such as speed boosts, power boosts or 2nd chances).  As you amass more of your enemies, you can go from a small and nimble cluster of blocks into a mighty block behemoth eviscerating anything foolish enough to get in your way.

Pixel Galaxy may just feature blocks and bullets, but there’s so much going on that the screen soon turns into a mesmerising neon firework display of vibrant colors, bullets and blocks.  The Katamari shoot-em-up is a great concept for a game – If you can’t beat em, join em, THEN beat em!

Visit the Kickstarter page & Download the Alpha Demo HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)