Pixel Heroes – Beta Download

Pixel Heroes

Pixel Heroes is a charming side scrolling pixel art dungeon crawler/hero sim/rpg in which you take a team of heroes on an adventure full of random humor, random characters, randomly generated loot and randomly generated quests.

You start off in the local tavern, and must choose 3 adventurers from a randomly selected assortment of heroes, allowing for hundreds of different combinations and making each playthough significantly different.  You’re then be able to explore the town, meet the local characters, visit shops and accept quests.

After exploring the town and meeting it’s colorful inhabitants you can then venture forth on randomly generated quests, full of odd encounters where you’ll level up, collect loot and defeat all manner of strange beasts (from cats to giant lobsters) in classic turn based combat.

Pixel Heroes a wonderfuly crafted pixel art RPG, full of colorful characters, quirky humor, tons of loot and short bite-sized quests.  Joyfully random pixel perfect adventuring.

Download the Pixel Heroes Beta HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)