Pixel Noir – Pre-Alpha Demo

pixel noir

Pixel Noir, a game created by SWDTech Games, is a pseudo-3D JRPG-inspired detective game set against a film noir backdrop.

Pixel Noir takes place in Pinnacle City; a run down, decrepit cesspool run by murderers, drug dealers and crime bosses. You, a private eye that only has your cigarettes and a nagging “there has to be more” feeling in the back of your mind, are willing to do any case that comes across your desk. The cases don’t seem to bother you, as long as the pay is good and it helps you live your booze fuelled life.

The graphics and an amazing throwback to games of old. Embracing elements from games like Earthbound and mixing it up with a bleak backdrop reminiscent of Sin City and old Film Noir movies. The story grasps you from the get go and reminds you that searching everything is key to your survival. Fans of old school J-RPGs will love this throwback to days of old and will most likely come back for more once the game is released.

Pixel Noir is off to a great start and has already received massive amounts of praise, including their Kickstarter and Greenlight Campaign both being majorly successful. Unleash your inner detective and become the vigilante you’ve always wanted to be!

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Check Out the Kickstarter & Download The Alpha Demo Here (PC, Mac and Linux)