Pixepal – Game Jam Build

Pixepal, a unique puzzle platformer made for the Kenney Jam 2017, allows you to move and interact with objects with the mouse to allow your charming little Game Boy-esque character to progress.

In Pixepal you control your character as in a traditional platformer, but you are also able to click and drag aspects of the level that are highlighted in white. This can be keys to doors that are locked, saws to break boxes, or the boxes themselves. You will also have to click on green dot boxes to activate them or deactivate them leaving a shell, as well as switches. While you click and drag, the whole screen will look like it is glitching out to show you are manipulating the level.

To solve each level, you need to collect the desired amount of gems shown on the top of the screen, then go through the main big door to produce fireworks and bring you back to the level select screen. Interacting with the world around you, using your mouse, will allow you to get to different areas and see more of the level. There are lots of gems to collect, doors to go through, and levels to figure out.

It’s a fun puzzle platformer with charming visuals and gameplay that offers a fun twist on the genre with it’s mouse controlled object manipulation. An adorable and inventive little adventure well worth checking out.

Play Pixepal Here (Browser)