Pizza Kidd – Prototype

Pizza Kidd is a side-scrolling beat ‘em up inspired by 16-bit era classics and 90’s Anime Sci-Fi, which sees a pizza boy battling hordes of grotesque monsters.

In Pizza Kidd you follow the adventure of Kidd – a pizza boy who awakens in the ruins of a pizzeria to find that monsters have stolen the sacred stones from his pizza-shaped necklace that was bestowed upon him by his mother. Kidd must now fight his way through the monster-filled streets, track down the stones and put an end to the monsters’ nefarious plans.

The side-scrolling beat ‘em up gameplay in Pizza Kidd is reminiscent of classics like Streets of Rage, Final Fight and TMNT. There are a few key differences though – gameplay takes place strictly in a 2D plane (you can’t move up and down the screen) and the combat is much faster and more fluid, with a focus on combos and dealing damage to large mobs of enemies.

The current Pizza Kidd prototype is very much a work in progress, with one main enemy type (plus some slimes) and one unfinished boss fight. Even in these early stages of development the animation is excellent though and the combat feels great. There’s a nice variety of attacks that allow you to deal with large groups of enemies at once and a particular highlight is the ability to chain together attacks in the air. This Pizza Kidd kicks more ass than some well known pizza loving turtles!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

To play the Pizza Kidd Prototype, join the official Discord group then react to the “Santos Corp H44 Serum” post in the #santos-lab-lobby to get the “@Lab Creatures” role. This will unlock the #access-id-card channel which has the link and password to access the prototype.