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plagued station game download

Plagued Station is a very tough little Cave Story-esque mini-metroidvania in which you need to rescue five scientists and escape a monster-filled station while making sure the power doesn’t run out.

In Plagued Station you control a lone hero who’s trapped with five other scientist in an underground station. If you gather all the five scientist that are scattered around the station then you should be able to make a break for it and escape to the surface, but it’s not going to be easy!

In the main starting area there’s a power generator you can stand on to light up the station and power mechanisms such as air vents and tram systems. Once fully charged you only have a set time until the power runs out, so you have to be quick as you venture out, grab a scientist and bring them back to the safe room. There are various small shadowy monsters lurking in the station that you can easily kill with your gun, but if you let the power run out then much larger monsters will start to attack you from all angles and you’ll die pretty quickly.

It’s a real challenge getting the scientists back before the power runs out, but your character is pretty nimble and your gun isn’t just useful for blasting enemies – you can charge it up and use it to propel you in the air too. You’ll need speed, precision jumping and precision shooting as you attempt to escape the station in one piece.

Considering Plagued Station was created in just 72 hours for Ludum Dare 39, it’s a remarkably well polished and well designed open world action platformer. The platforming is pretty challenging and you’ll die a lot, but it gives you a great feeling of exhilaration when you manage to finally pull of those impossible looking jumps or get back to the tram with seconds left to spare before the power goes out. A perfectly formed mini-metroidvania where time is of the essence. Highly recommended.

Tip: Press ‘R’ to Respawn, Shoot also performs actions and press down to enter doors.

Check Out a Full Playthrough Here

Download Plagued Station Here (Windows)