Planet Boom – Beta Demo

Planet Boom is a fast paced and challenging Missile Command-esque planetary defence game where you attempt to control and upgrade your defenses to protect your planet from alien invaders.

In Planet Boom you are tasked with defending your planet from waves of alien ships. To do this you are given command of different types of turrets (which you can switch between once you have more of them), that you can move around the planet and shoot approaching alien ships with. If an alien ship manages to get through your defenses and hits the planet then it will expose some of the planet’s molten core, which damages your turrets if they touch it. Between each level you can select upgrades for your turrets which may give you a fighting chance to repel the alien menace.

It’s an addictive game that takes the classic arcade gameplay of Missile Command and updates it in some clever ways. Things get pretty chaotic later on, so success really relies on finding synergetic turret builds with the between-level upgrades. See how long you can protect your little planet!

Play The Planet Boom Beta Demo Here (Browser)