Planet Centauri – Alpha Demo

planet centurai

Planet Centauri is an impressive new sandbox action adventure with Terraria-esque terraforming, magic spells, huge monsters, quests and lots of activities from motor-biking to fishing.

First impressions may cause players to dismiss Planet Centauri as a Terraria knock-off, but in reality it is much more than that, offering a far more combat focused experience, tameable monsters and a fully fleshed out story.  The Alpha Demo give a small taster of this (and at the moment it’s hard to do anything due to the constant enemy attacks), but the full game will offer a wide range of actions, crafting, abilities and activities for you to discover.

It’s an interesting game with an long list of features, such as online multiplayer, mod support, electric components, logic gates, mini games, dynamic weather conditions, farming, cooking and quests. An ambitious sandbox adventure that promises the world and a whole lot more.

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Download the Alpha Demo HERE