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Planet Nomads

Planet Nomads is a sci-fi survival game where, after crash-landing on an alien world, you find a way to survive on this dangerous new world as you attempt to assemble a spaceship to escape.

It’s incredibly difficult not to draw comparisons between Planet Nomad and No Man’s Sky, another sci-fi survival exploration game set to release for Windows computers and the PS4 in the coming year. The games share a lot in common beyond their basic premise. Visually, the plant-life and animal inhabitants of both games feel like organisms we could find on Earth, only splashed with a bucket Seussian whimsy and a heaping helping of “space dinosaurs”. The planets are procedurally generated in both games, and once you’ve successfully built a space-worthy vessel in Planet Nomads, you’ll be able to explore other planets just like in No Man’s Sky.

Without a hands-on play session with either game, it’s hard to tell exactly how the two games plan to differentiate themselves. At first glance, it appears that No Man’s Sky will be focusing more on the exploratory aspects of the survival genre while Planet Nomads will be working to highlight its crafting and building systems.

Currently, Planet Nomads has only made an early version of its in-game vehicle/bunker construction tool available to the public. The editor is quite robust with a plethora of options for building fantastic and ridiculously unwieldy vehicles. Being that Planet Nomads is still relatively early in development, it’s no surprise that the editor doesn’t feel as solid as something like, say, The Sims 4, but the editor still manages to serve its purpose well enough. It certainly is entertaining to play around with. We had a good time stacking tires on tires on spikes on tires. If the concepts of expansive, open space worlds and building vehicles sounds intriguing to you, the Planet Nomads Closed Alpha is set for Q3 2016 and promises a better glimpse into the final game’s features. You can pre-order the game now to gain early access when it becomes available.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available

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