Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa – Alpha Demo

Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa is a VHS video nasty styled third person horror adventure with PS1 era visuals that sees you exploring a strange alien planet that’s inhabited by a psycho Santa!

Created by the developers behind Power Drill Massacre, Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa is a fun fusion of 80’s video nasty horror and PS1 era visuals design. In the game you play one of three space explorers who touch down on a strange alien planet and go in search for useful minerals. It soon becomes apparent that this planet is home to Santa and his elves, and that Santa is adding everybody to his naughty list…

To complete the current demo build, you just have to find four gemstones that are hidden in houses around the game world. The fuzzy visuals and snowfall of Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa can make it hard to know where you’re going and there’s a constant threat of Santa popping out and murdering you.

Santa wasn’t always a homicidal maniac – as you progress you’ll find notes left by the elves that help relay the narrative of how Santa flipped his lid. Completing the current demo isn’t too hard once you get to grips with the retro gameplay and visuals, and due to the random nature of Santa’s attacks it’s actually possible to play through the whole demo build without even seeing him (which makes it even scarier when he does eventually pop out in front of you!).

It could do with a bit more of the random Santa scares, but the atmosphere and retro audio/visual design of Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa are excellent. It’s a fun slice of video nasty horror well worth checking out for some festive frights.

Download The Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)