Planet of Lana – Beta Demo

Planet of Lana is a visually stunning cinematic puzzle platforming adventure about a girl and a weird cat-like creature whose homeworld has been invaded by mysterious machines.

In Planet of Lana you will explore a once peaceful planet that’s been invaded by an army of deadly faceless machines. The machines rained down from the skies and are now patrolling the world, zapping anyone who they encounter. To survive you’ll need to solve puzzles, use stealth and get a little help from a friend.

As you explore the vibrant world of Planet of Lana you will have your faithful companion by your side. It’s a small inky black cat-like creature who can help you in lots of useful ways. Among other things, you can use it to activate triggers, cut ropes and lure enemies away (or into traps). Plus it’s incredibly cute and a delightful companion to have by your side!

It’s shaping up to be a fantastic game with stunning visuals, clever puzzle design and a real sense that you’re embarking on an epic adventure. It’s a real joy exploring Planet of Lana’s beautifully crafted world, a place of zen-like tranquillity and lots of nasty ways to die. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Planet of Lana Beta Demo Here (Steam)