Planeter – Prototype Download


Planeter is a beautiful pixel art game that allows you to build your own little universe, full of vibrant colors and populated by cute little alien creatures.

It really is very early in development, so there’s not a whole lot to the gameplay at the moment, you simply have to pick up fuel cells and bring them to the planet creating machines that are located on random planets.  Insert the fuel cell and another (usually larger) planet pops out which you can then jump over to and continue exploring.

The planets are procedurally generated, so each universe you create is unique – they start off fairly barren, but as you progress, larger life forms start to roam around.  The gameplay may be a little basic at the moment, but the audio and visuals are superb – it’s a joy watching beautiful new planets pop up, in this charming and vibrant pixel art Universe.

UPDATE: Prototype No Longer Available