PlanetSide Arena – Open Beta

PlanetSide Arena is a class based multiplayer shooter that delivers a unique large scale take on the battle royale genre, with 300 player matches, 12 player squads and a mode that pits two huge teams against each other.

A spinoff of the massively multiplayer FPS PlanetSide games, PlanetSide Arena offers an interesting twist on the battle royale genre. At the moment there are two game modes – Squads and Teams. Squads sees 12 player squads doing battle in large 300 player matches and Teams sees two teams doing battle in 150 player matches. Both modes see you dropping into the battlefield from a carrier and fighting to be the last ones standing.

There are three playable classes (Assault, Medic and Engineer) and you only get one life, but squadmates can revive you if you die. You have a personal vehicle that you can whip out by pressing X and there are also some larger, armed vehicles (the Tank and the Harasser) that you can find and drive in the battlefield.

It’s unlikely to sway those that are growing tired of the battle royale genre, but PlanetSide Arena’s large scale battles and big squad/team sizes do make for a unique take on the genre. The Sci-Fi combat is solid and it’s probably as close to a Halo battle royale game as you’ll get the moment.

Download The PlanetSide Arena Open Beta Here (Steam)