plaque – Alpha Demo

plaque is a dark and gritty first person horror shooter that plays a little like Quake, but with freaky Clive Barker-esque monster design and a very oppressive atmosphere.

The gameplay in plaque draws inspiration from classic 90’s shooters like Quake and Doom, but the atmosphere it creates is very different. Rather than offering bombastic run n’ gun fun, plaque is more about getting under your skin and immersing you in its nightmare with its limited color palettes, dimly lit pixelated game world and freaky monster design. It also eschews a music soundtrack in favor of allowing you to focus on the various atmospheric rumblings, gun-fire and monster noises.

The current build of plaque only features one level and can be completed in under ten minutes, but it’s a very interesting take on the classic 90’s FPS. Quake, Doom, Hexen and Duke Nukem all had plenty of demonic monsters in them but they weren’t what you’d call scary. plaque is a retro styled FPS nightmare where the horrors really are horrifying and you’ll fear the things that go bump in the dark.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The plaque Alpha Demo Here (Windows)