Plastic Wars – Game Jam Build

plastic wars

Plastic Wars, a game made for the Familiar Game Jam 4, has you controlling an army of toy soldiers in multiplayer battles on the floor of a child’s bedroom.

In this local two player game, inspired by the movie Toy Story, you are able to command an army of toy soldiers around a messy kid’s room. These soldiers are against each other and must be moved, one by one, to take out the enemy team. The room that these toys are both in is pretty messy, making it easy to take cover or hide. Your soldiers are able to shoot, launch grenades, charge, and even blitz attack the other team.

You must make progress fast, as people come into the room. We all know that toys cannot be seen playing if there are humans around. Listen closely, as you can hear people approaching before they come. At that time you should freeze and wait.

It’s a fun game that perfectly animates the little toy soldiers and the recreates the pretend toy battles of childhood in a happy mix of bullets and plastic.

Grab a friend and play Plastic Wars in your Unity Supported browser HERE