plaToon – Beta Download


plaToon is a fun third person multiplayer shooter with adorable cartoony characters, vehicles and stylish low poly maps filled with fully destructible buildings.

plaToon doesn’t aim to offer the most authentic multiplayer warfare experience, but it does plan to offer the most fun. Its great blend of cartoony physics, unintentional (and intentional) bugs, powerful weaponry and destructibility make for a multiplayer experience with plenty of joyful chaos and laugh out loud moments (just check out this compilation here). The current build offers one proper map and a capture the flag mode, but it’s hard to get too caught up in capturing flags when blowing stuff up in this charming physics based playground is so much fun!

plaToon is still very early in development, so has a few bugs and server issues, but it’s a delightfully cheerful game that shows a lot of promise with it’s unique style of low poly carnage. A super silly slice of slapstick warfare.

Note: The public server may not be up at certain times of the day. It can also take a few seconds for the pubic server icon to show up on the menu screen (if the public server is up you’ll find the icon here).  If the public server isn’t up though you can host your own game and send friends the link.

Note: If you don’t find the email confirmation/download link in your inbox immediately, check your spam/junk folder!

Download The plaToon Beta Here (Download Link Sent Immediately After Sign Up)