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Play, an adorable game made for the Ludum Dare 33, has you becoming a very different kind of monster.

You are the monster living under the bed of a young girl named Betty. Betty is afraid of a few things, especially monsters under her bed and fires. Even though you are one of her fears, you are not here to cause harm to the child. Instead, you are working to help Betty cope with her fears.

You are able to move around the room, but must keep out of Betty’s sight. Different objects in her room, like her dresser and bookshelf, can be bumped into to drop toys. There are lots of toys in Betty’s room, but some toys help more than others. Firetrucks and firefighters will help her cope with her fear more than balls or blocks. Each time you knock a toy to the floor, Betty will find it and play with it, helping her cope with her fears.

From time to time, fires will start appearing from underneath her furniture, where you can also hide. You must hit these fires back into the darkness to put them out before Betty sees them. If she sees you or the fires too many times, Betty will get too scared and you will lose the game.

Don’t be a monster, help a child cope with her fear.

Download Play Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)

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  1. This game was surprisingly fun! It was nice playing as a good monster for a change. Kind of reminded me of Monsters Inc, but without the secret weird… other world. If you are interested in the game but still not sold you can check out this video of the game play! –

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