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Play With Me

Play With Me is a terrifying first person horror in which you attempt to escape from a house that’s haunted by a very freaky clown ghost.

Created by students at the CREAJEUX videogame highschool, In Play With Me you must find four candles that will allow you to unlock the front door and escape the house. While that may sound easy, it’s really not, thanks to an evil clown spectre that haunts the house.

The clown will appear at random as you make your escape, and the only way to survive is to look away from its gaze. This is easier said than done as in horror games you generally want to keep an eye on the big terrifying monster that’s trying too kill you!

The visual and audio design are excellent in Play With Me, creating a deep sense of atmosphere and dread as you explore the house and really putting you on edge for the games many jump scares. We’re not clowning around, this is seriously scary stuff!

Note: Play With Me is Oculus Rift compatible for even more terror!

Check Out a Play With Me Gameplay Video Here

Download Play With Me Here (Windows)