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player vs game download

Player vs Game, is a thoroughly evil pixel art platformer made for the Familiar Game Jam 5 that trolls you with glitches in an attempt to stop you from completing the level.

Your goal is to collect a coin and bring it to an arcade machine. This may seem like an easy task, but using its glitch powers, the game will do whatever it takes to delay you from getting to the coin – even if that means breaking itself. It can use its glitches to pause the game, cause lag, drop enemies, and flip the screen upside down to distract you in infuriating ways.

These glitch powers are on a cooldown so game cannot play these actions as much as it wants, but its still diabolically tricky anticipating the glitches. You have an endless amount of lives but only a short amount of time to complete the level as the kill screen is continually loading. Once the game can use the kill screen, it’s game over.

Player vs Game is even more fun in multiplayer, where two players can share a keyboard with one player becoming the “game” and controlling all the different glitches to kill off the player.  It’s a great game that uses glitches to transform a fairly easy platformer into a infuriatingly hard and rage-inducing (in a good way) experience. Don’t let the cheery audio and charming pixel art animation fool you, this game is pure evil!

Note:  You Have To Hold The Escape Button For A Few Seconds To Return To The Start Screen

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Player vs Game Here