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playtime stories

Playtime Stories is a charming and vibrant playground romp full of child-like imagination that sees you carrying out objectives and battling other students, hall monitors and bosses to become king of the playground.

Created by game development students from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Playtime Stories, is a joy to play, offering playful playground battles that feel just like the sort of thing you’d play at school.  In this imagination filled playtime you play as kids who can dress up as Cowboys, Vikings and Ninjas, each with their own attributes and special moves.

You have free rein over the whole school, and are tasked with earning as many points as possible to become the king of the playground before the end of recess.  You gain these points by ‘killing’ other students, hall monitors and bosses, shooting targets, taking part in minigames, and fulfilling dynamic objectives.  There’s a nice bit of variety to the gameplay, and there’s always something unexpected that’ll crop up to make you smile (just wait till you meet the head teacher).

The level of imagination, charm and polish in Playtime Stories truly impressive.  The only thing we’d like to see added is a multiplayer option, but even as it is the game’s a blast, full of anarchy, variety and hyperactive fun.  There’s always something to do or someone to fight in this wonderful playtime playground.

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Download Playtime Stories HERE (Win Only)