Please Be Nice is a free game which allows the first person to beat the current build to submit a feature they want added to the game.  This feature will then be added and the cycle will restart.

Now in it’s 98th cycle, as you can imagine people have requested some very outlandish additions, such as “giant star boss, wearing googly eyed pants” to “add bird jesus”.  Since it’s inception the game has morphed from a from a very simple, get from point A to point B on a single screen game, to a multicoloured fever dream where you can control the horned-head of Nicholas Cage in a top down shooter, firing turtles and being rewarded with a big picture of a cat for reaching the end of a level.

It’s a fantastic experiment, and will probably never make a great game, but that’s not the point.  It’s more about the experience, watching a game evolve over time and laughing at some of the ridiculous additions that have been requested and implemented.

Watch the evolution up to version 60 HERE

You can download the current version HERE

Watch a Lets Play of it HERE

You can also download all of the previous editions HERE