Please, Visit Grandma – Game Jam Build

Please, Visit Grandma is a charming little game where you drop by and pass the time with your elderly neighbor, keeping her company until her partner comes home.

Your elderly neighbor’s partner is away for a few days so you decide to drop by for a visit to keep her company. Each day you chat and choose from a variety of different possible activities, she can do – ranging from having a cup of tea and completing a jigsaw to playing a Playstation VR game. There are no objectives to complete, you simply chill out, spending a little time with her and lear a little about her life.

Taking around five minutes to play through, Please, Visit Grandma is a very pleasant little experience with excellent hand drawn artwork and a delightful premise. You instantly warm to the old lady and it’s a pleasure taking a little time to get to know her. So please, visit Grandma!

Download or Play Please, Visit Grandma Here (Win, Mac & Linux)