Plug Me – Game Jam Build Download

Plug Me Game Download

Plug Me, a clever puzzle platformer made for the Ludum Dare 39, has you attempting to plug yourself in before the battery for the loading bar (which is represented by a physical platform in the center of each level) runs out!

In Plug Me, you must get from one side of the level to the plug on the other side of the level without dying, to recharge the loading bar. The loading bar is a massive green bar that goes across the middle of the screen that quickly is running out of power. You are able to walk on the green parts of this bar, but you must be careful not to fall off as the power is drained.

The speed at which the loading bar decreases is the speed at which you need to get to your goal – which is quite fast! This forces you to race across the screen and time jumps with what is left of the loading bar. Plug Me is also full of obstacles like blades and spikes to avoid, but will count up all of your deaths at the bottom of the screen, to ‘helpfully’ remind you how many times you have failed.

Plug Me is very well polished and a great concept – providing a fun and super tough platforming experience. Having the the level timer represented by a physical object within the screen is a great idea and it’s used in lots of clever ways throughout the game. An inventive little game that will really test your speed and precision platforming skills.

Download or Play Plug Me Here (Windows & Browser)