Plunderball – Game Jam Build Download

Plunderball is a piratey roguelike pinball game where you whack cannonballs around a vast multi-stage pinball table set aboard a flotilla of pirate ships.

Created for the 7DRP Challenge 2020, Plunderball blends pinball with pirate ship smashing roguelike gameplay. In the game you whack a cannonball with pinball flippers to fight captains, steal gold and smash up the ships. At the top (or the sides) of each table/area there are wooden barriers that you can smash to give you access to the next area. The areas are all procedurally generated, so each new playthough is different, and there are also boss-fights to deal with if you make it that far.

There’s not a huge variety between the different areas of the ships, but it’s quite an addictive game and it’s a fun concept that could be well worth expanding on. Piratey pinball with a lot of potential.

Download or Play Plunderball Here (Windows & Browser)