Plushie Bomber – Game Jam Build Download

Plushie Bomber is a fun little retro action platformer where a plushie snowman uses bombs to blast his way through levels filled with cute and evil little plushies.

Created for the GJL Parade Summer 2021 jam, Plushie Bomber is a great little retro action platfomer where you don’t have any weapons yourself – instead you need to catch bombs that are thrown at you and hurl them at enemies or obstacles in your way. Catching the bomb is fairly easy, you can throw them in different directions, they can blow holes in the environment and you can hold them for as long as you like before they explode, so they really come in handy.

It’s a fairly simple, but well crafted little retro action platformer with tight controls, fast paced gameplay, challenging level design and high quality pixel art animation. Also, there’s something really satisfying about using your enemies’ weapons against them!

Download or Play Plushie Bomber Here (Windows & Browser)