Pocket Bravery – Beta Demo

Pocket Bravery is a beautifully animated SD styled 2D fighting game that draws inspiration from the 90’s Street Fighter, Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters games.

Currently in development by Statera Studio, Pocket Bravery blends classic 90’s fighting game gameplay with a vibrant Neo Geo Pocket Color inspired SD aesthetic. It plays quite similarly to Street Fighter 2 and the SNK fighting games, but each character also has elemental abilities that charge up as you play and allow you to unleash different offensive or defensive moves.

The current build of Pocket Bravery features four playable characters and different arenas to fight in against an AI or human opponent. It’s definitely geared more towards high level players than casual fighting game fans as some of the Super Special and Final Attacks are very hard to pull off.

It’s a very promising game which introduces some interesting ideas and vibrant pixel art visuals into its classic 90’s 2D fighter gameplay. It’s not one for button mashers, but certainly worth checking out if you fancy something with a little more depth.

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Download The Pocket Bravery Beta Demo Here (Steam)