Pocket Fighter EX – Prototype Download

Pocket Fighter EX is a fan made fighting game that aims to blend the gameplay and characters from a variety of Capcom and SNK fighting games, all wrapped up in a beautifully animated pixel art visual style.

With a pixel art visual style that draws inspiration from NeoGeo Pocket Color fighting games, Pocket Fighter EX is a great little fan made Capcom and SNK fighting game mash-up. It’s built in Unity, with the combat mechanics and code all the dev’s original work (it’s not a Mugen mash-up). As well as normal and special attacks, players can use Super Meter-powered EX Moves and Super Moves. You can also use your Max meter to temporarily activate Power Max and Armor Max Modes which give buffs to your attack or defense and can unlock special attacks.

The current build of Pocket Fighter EX only features three fighters (Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter and Terry from King of Fighters), but they’re beautifully animated and have a nice selection of classic attacks, specials, EX moves and supers. There’s no AI to fight against, but you can play one-one-one and tag-team Vs fights and there’s a nice selection of stages to do battle on.

The current build of Pocket Fighter EX is quite old, but the dev is still working on it and even in its current form it’s a lot of fun. The pixel art animation is superb and it feels like a genuinely competitive fighting game with plenty of depth that will reward player skill. Plus those little fighters are absolutely adorable!

Download The Pocket Fighter EX Prototype Here (Windows)