Point Rescue Arcade – Beta Demo

Point Rescue Arcade is a fantastic homage to classic nineties Time Crisis and Virtua Cop lightgun games, where you blast the henchmen of a shady organisation in vibrant urban environments.

Currently in development by Magellanic Games, creator of the excellent Office Point Rescue games, Point Rescue Arcade is a perfect love letter to Sega’s Virtua Cop and Namco’s classic Time Crisis games. It plays much like a traditional on-rails shooter and sees you travelling through urban environments blasting bad guys. It’s playable with a mouse and you need to be pretty quick on your trigger finger to cap the baddies before they shoot you, but you also need to avoid hitting any civilians.

It’s a great little shooter that really nails the old school arcade action of the Time Crisis games. The mouse-based controls work really well and the levels are cleverly designed to offer a real challenge. There are also some great little touches like the environmental destruction and the fact that the enemy spawning can change on different runs. A blast from the past well worth pulling the trigger on.

Download or Play The Point Rescue Arcade Beta Demo Here (Windows & Browser)